Commercial Division

1900 West Loop South, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77027
713.622.5732 Phone
713.966.4059 Fax
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Commercial Division
Sam Smith
SVP, Commercial Division Manager
713.986.0769 Dir
713.240.8282 Cell
Ann Johnson
SVP, Underwriting Counsel
713.986.0651 Dir
Rick Harmon
VP, Business Development
713-986-0707 Dir
713-819-1359 Cell
Mandy Forbes
VP, Business Development
713.410.1734 Cell
Debbie Barela
VP, Commercial Escrow Officer
713.986.0715 Dir
Erika Norris
VP, Commercial Escrow Officer
713.986.0714 Dir
Trish Millard
VP, Business Development
713.968.7150 Dir
713.417.3331 Cell
Paige Dunlap
VP, Commercial Escrow Officer
713.968.7158 Dir
281.541.1777 Cell
Tammy Williams
Commercial Escrow Officer
713.993.2940 Dir
Shareese Arnbrister
National Title Coordinator
713.986.0784 Dir
Crystal Robinson
Escrow Assistant
713.986.0713 Dir
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